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Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal | The Lost Episode

Image of Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal | The Lost Episode


Coming Winter 2014

Pre-order the long awaited lost episode of the award winning Metal Evolution series.

After two successful crowdfunding campaigns Sam and the Banger crew embarked on one last journey across five countries and two continents, meeting with extreme metal stalwarts like Mantas, Tom G. Warrior, Martin Eric Ain, Fenriz, Silenoz, Scott Burns, John Tardy, Terry Butler and many others. Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal is the definitive documentary episode exploring the musical history of metal's most underground sub-genre. Featuring candid interviews, never-before-seen archival material, rare music clips and travel footage from around the world, the episode will bring you closer to the personalities and historic locations of Extreme Metal than ever before. This episode will give testament to metal's most misunderstood sub-genre, thrilling both die-hard metalheads and the general music lovers alike.

This is a standalone HD download of the Extreme Metal episode of Metal Evolution.

Metal Evolution | Extreme Metal
16:9 - Quicktime

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